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Intuitive Website Auditing

Right Hand Man makes website audits intuitive, understandable, and simple 👌.


Right Hand Man lets you work on your own website while learning SEO.

Using Right Hand Man is the #1 way to learn SEO, in a hands-on environment. Our technology audits your website and then explains how to fix the issues, why you should fix them, and how to fix them.


Automated Audit

Right Hand Man begins by auditing your entire website and finding all issues that need to be fixed. You don’t need to do anything at this stage!


Results & Reports

Audit results will be displayed in clear intuitive dashboards, including tables and graphs. You get to see your site’s performance at a glance.



We then clearly explain why each issue needs to be fixed, and the effect it is having on your sites search performance.



With every recommendation Right Hand Man makes, we give detailed instructions on how to repair the issue.

+ we also offer an ‘Explain’ feature, so you know exactly how to explain the issue concisely to your boss or clients! 😍

“Thanks to Right Hand Man Site Auditor, I now receive a daily update with actionable insights that help drive our online growth, and I no longer have to spend time focusing on manual reviews of our websites content.”

Kendall Watt
Auckland, NZ - eCommerce Manager
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Our Crawlers Features

We do things a little differently, here’s a quick overview of what sets Right Hand Man apart.

Smart Scheduling

Right Hand Man crawls your website while you sleep, and uncovers optimization opportunities that presented themselves during the day.

Cloud Processing

With Right Hand Man you don’t need to worry about processing power or complex software installations.


If you have your own definition of ‘best practice’, simply tell our crawler what rules to follow.

Actionable Insights

Audit results are always presented with actionable insights on how your site can improve.

Task Allocation

Assign content issues to your content team, and technical issues to your developers.


Multiple Websites

Our plans vary is size, and you can choose a plan that allows you to monitor up to 10 websites per account.

Email Notifications

You get all results directly reported to your inbox, so you can monitor your websites on the go.

Manual Crawling

After large website changes, you may want to request an immediate crawl with our 1-click activation.

Quality Support

Email us, call us, chat with us. No matter what you need, we can find you the answer.

Our Crawler Checks…

Meta Titles

Check for missing, duplicate, and short meta titles.

Meta Keywords

Not so important anymore, but PULSE can find and report on these if required.

Duplicate Pages

Identify exact duplicate pages within your website.

Redirect Chains

Identify all redirect loops and chains.

Image Filenames

Images should be named logically and without scrambled symbols or numbers.

Broken Images

Broken images damage the brands perception.

Broken Links

Broken links hurt the user experiences, and can reflect negatively on your brand. Right Hand Man finds & alerts you to broken links.


Discover both permanent and temporary redirects.

URL Length

URLs should be descriptive, but also short and concise. We will guide you on the best practice.

Meta Descriptions

Discover missing, duplicate, too short, and too long meta descriptions.

H1 & H2 Analysis

Find pages with duplicate, missing, or multiple titles. Also identify titles that are too long.

Page Depth Level

View your site structure and each pages depth level.


Report on whether URLs are HTTP or HTTPS

Alt Text

Every image needs a descriptive alt text. We alert you when images have no alt text set, or alt text that is over 100 characters.

Image Size

Images should be compressed for web. You set your limits, and we find images that exceed them

External Links

Report on both follow and nofollow external links

Follow / Nofollow

Report on the follow status of all links on a page

URL Quality

Avoid ASCII characters, uppercase characters, underscores, and other parameters you set.

pulse website auditor

Intuitive Site Auditing

”Right Hand Man has quickly grown from a tool we tried out of curiosity, to a solution that our business relies upon. The time we used to spend on running manual crawls, is now spent implementing the insights our site audits generate.“

Sophia estimated she saved 5 hours per week manually checking newly loaded content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my subscriptions options?

PULSE is a cloud-based crawler, meaning you don’t have to download any software to your PC.

Do you offer a free trial?

Of course! All our plans come with a 14 day free trial, during which you can cancel anytime with no payment being made.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Is Right Hand Man beginner-friendly?

Our solution is designed for both complete beginners and experts who have been in the industry 10+ years. Start a trial and see for yourself.

  • “I'm really loving Right Hand Man, it's simple dashboards, actionable insights, and just enough descriptions. The weekly updates keep me on my toes and focusing on my SEO more often.  ”
  • alex testimonial
    “Right Hand Man is a great tool to quickly evaluate a sites health and continue keeping an eye on it. I especially like the interface, zero learning curve here.”
    Alex Balabanov
  • “Right Hand Man helped me wrap my head around what needed to be fixed/was missing on my website. It was nice to see all the problems in one spot. If I would've tried to fix all these problems myself, I'm sure I would've overlooked a quite a few errors.”
    Rob Bates

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