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Everything you need to know about Pulse before starting your first crawl.

Your Account

  • How do I get to use Pulse?

    Pulse if offered to our customers as a monthly subscription, for which you pay a flat monthly fee for. We have multiple plans which vary in price depending on the depth and breadth of analysis you require. Our plans have a 14 day free trial, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes! All our plans come with a 14 day free trial, during which you can cancel at anytime without any fees or subscription payments being billed to your credit card. Pulse has no cancellation fees, or any other usage fees. We operate on a simple monthly plan basis.

  • What happens when my trial period ends?

    Unless you decide to cancel your account, your subscription will begin and you will be billed for your first month on the account tier you were trialling. If you picked annual payments, after your trial is complete your first annual payment will be billed.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

    Yes! Once you have an account at Pulse you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. To do this, navigate to the Account Settings screen from your site dashboard.

  • Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Of course! During your free trial you can cancel within the 14 days and not be charged anything. During any monthly paid subscription plans you can cancel at anytime to prevent any future billing. Cancelling an account is an easy process; you can either cancel from your Account Details screen once logged into your dashboard, or email support@pulseproduct.com.

  • How many different users can login to my Pulse account?

    We have multiple plans, of which some allow multiple users to be added to an account. This is great for larger companies who may have 5 or more website editors or SEO specialists. To view our different account tiers and the number of users allowed in each tier, visit our pricing page.

  • Can I use Pulse on multiple devices?

    Yes! Unlike site audit tools that you need to download onto your laptop or PC, Pulse is a cloud based crawler, meaning you can login to your account with any device that has an internet connection. This also means that the Pulse crawler will continue to crawl and analyse your website(s) if your device is turned off, as the crawler runs automatically on our servers, not on the processing power of your own device.

Common Queries

  • Is Pulse right for me?

    We feel anyone who owns or manages a website will benefit from using Pulse. Of course we would say that, but we have good reason too…

    Independent bloggers, and owners of small hobby websites most likely don’t have all the knowledge of website optimization and SEO to truly get the most out of their website. This puts them at a disadvantage when competing against bigger players in their market, who can afford to hire web analysts and SEO specialists. Using a site audit tool like Pulse, individuals and owners of small websites can compete with the big players and have a perfectly optimized website.

    Medium sized businesses may be able to afford one or more marketing employees, however a generalist marketer is unlikely to know the intricacies of website optimization. Marketers are generally more versed in other skills, such as the creation of advertising material, or updating product ranges online. They may not know where to add alt text, or when to use 301 redirects. A tool like Pulse can enable generalist marketers with a broad range of skills, to excel in the specialist skill of website optimization.

    Larger corporates may have a team of content loaders, an eCommerce Manager, and SEO or Digital Marketing Specialists. They are knowledgeable all most tests the Pulse crawler will perform on customer websites, but may be time poor, or would rather focus higher level strategy, then spending time running manual website crawls and site audits.

Help, Support & Payments

  • How can I receive support?

    Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook, or email us directly at support@pulseproduct.com

  • What payment methods do you support?

    We process our payments securely through Stripe. The same payment processor used by companies such as Unicef, Lyft, Yelp, Kickstarter, and Optimizely.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Discover Cards.

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    All our subscriptions automatically renew. If you are on a monthly plan, your account will be automatically billed once per month, if you are on our discounted annual plans, your account will automatically be billed annually.

  • Can I suggest a feature?

    Yes, please do! Let us know your thoughts via support@pulseproduct.com

  • Do you have onboarding experts?

    Yes, some of our higher level subscription tiers have onboarding experts time included. Typically your first crawl will discover a lot of errors, and your account may need some tweaking to filter some of these out in the future (eg subdomains you don’t want crawler, or ‘errors’ that you are happy to tolerate in some circumstances).

The Pulse Crawler

  • When will my first crawl begin?

    As soon as you sign up to Pulse your website(s) will be added to our crawler queue, Within a few minutes (server load dependant) your crawl will automatically begin, and you will get a notification email when the first crawl results and analyse are complete. You will also be able to login to your account dashboard to begin browsing your websites results.

  • How do automatic crawls work?

    We designed Pulse as a site audit tool that is primarily used to review the day’s work while you sleep, so you’ll have actionable insights in the morning. Our crawler is designed to wake up during the night (based on your timezone), analyze your website(s), and then send you the results immediately. In your personal account you can choose whether to have nightly, weekly, or monthly crawls.

    Once your very first crawl is completed, which happens immediately after opening an account, our crawler will begin its automated crawls for the lifetime of your account.

  • How to manual crawls work?

    In addition to automatic crawls, Pulse also offers a manual crawl button on all plans. This allows you to start an audit of your website at anytime, which is perfect for any large website changes that you need to analyze immediately. Manual crawls are limited depending on your account tier, so be sure to check our pricing page on how frequently each account level can activate a manual crawl.

  • What does the crawler detect & analyze?

    The Pulse crawler is designed to analyze over 50 site factors, from meta titles, image alt text, broken links, and redirects. For a full list of what we report on, either view our features page, or sign up for a 14 day free trial and immediately start a crawl on your own website to see if Pulse ticks all the boxes you need.

  • Can I configure the crawler?

    This feature is coming soon.

  • How many websites can I crawl at once?

    Each crawl request is added to our queue, which is sequentially processed. Due to our large scale-able processing capability, we can crawl hundreds of websites instantaneously.

    Pulse accounts have a set number of domains that they can set up within their account. You can visit our pricing page to learn how many different websites each account tier can review.

  • How many unique URLs will the spider crawl?

    This depends entirely on your subscription tier, which can be viewed on our PRICING page. Our plans are limited to a large number of URLs per website, so you should have no issues hitting your limit on any of our plans unless you run a large directory, large blog, forum, or large corporate website.

    Our crawler will alert you if you hit your maximum URL limit and suggest a plan upgrade. You can check if your site receives this recommendation during our 14 day free trial period.

Technical Requirements

  • Will the crawler work on my PC?

    Because Pulse is a cloud based crawler, it will work no matter what device(s) you own or choose to access the results from. Any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer that can access the internet is able to use Pulse.

  • What about processing power, bandwidth, and storage?

    All technical aspects of the crawler are managed by Pulse. We run on servers designed to quickly, effectively, and securely crawl any website. You don’t need to worry about any of these requirements. If you have a device with an internet connection, you can use Pulse.

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