Has Google Increased the Meta Description Length? (Dec 2018)

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Rumour has is this morning that Google has increased the meta description character limited. There is a small discussion about this Reddit, where posted in /r/seo asking if anyone else has noticed.

I first thought something was different yesterday, however I thought it may be a localized test to New Zealand. Good news is that overnight others around the world have noticed the increased meta description character limit as well.

Reddit users lisino and Yuvrajsinh shared:

I am located in Germany and i see Google displaying about 300 characters in the meta description right now. Not sure if that is global or only displayed in a few country’s at first

I’m from India. I do have the same result. Around 300 characters in the meta description.

After checking around 20 search terms we are seeing around 300 characters to be the average length of the new meta description limits. A search for ‘auckland dentists’ below shows

increased meta description length 302 characters

Official word from Google employee Danny Sullivan was shared on Twitter. Danny does however add “don’t go expanding your meta description tags. It’s more a dynamic process.”

What action should you take?

We recommend taking no action just yet. It’s no secret that Google doesn’t always display the meta descriptions site owners set. In some cases, Google will pull some text from the body of the page, and use that as the meta description.

This update simply enables Google to pull longer strings of text when dynamically creating the meta description.



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