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Do you know little (or nothing!) about SEO and how it boosts your traffic?

You don’t need to be an expert to use Pulse, you simply need to be someone who understands how important frequent site audits are if you want to run a fully optimized website.

“There are too many gurus, too many articles, and too many guides. I just don’t know what to focus on!”

We designed Pulse to be the most intuitive website auditor on the market. Our goal was to make it easy for anyone to be able to run an SEO audit on their website, and actually understand the results.

The team behind Pulse are a bunch of web developers, SEO experts, and developers, who have relied on many other site audit tools over the years. The one thing we found always noticed with other tools is how frustrating it must be for someone who isn’t an SEO expert to actually get actionable insights from the tool’s results.

Sure, knowing that an image on your homepage is missing an alt-tag is good, but now what?

Pulse answers all your questions. Is it important to fix? Why should I fix it? How do I fix it?

Before getting started…

Let’s learn the basics of website audits, and how Pulse can help.

Website Audits In a Nutshell

Why is search engine optimization so important? The better your search engine optimization, the more traffic you get to your website, which normally means more sales and revenue for your business.

If you are running a blog, an optimized website means you will get more visitors, which means you can sell more advertising and sponsorship’s on your blog, and you will also become more appealing for product placement partnerships or collaboration with other brands in your industry.

website audit dashboard

What’s the best way to Learn SEO?

SEO is just a big bunch of theory. Basically, there is a set of 50 to 100 rules that SEO experts believe influence how any given site ranks in the search engines. Some of the rules are pure opinion, and others are backed by some trustworthy data.

To quickly review a website you can use a product like Pulse, which will analyze any site, and tell you what needs fixing. This is one of the best ways to learn SEO if you already have a website. Simply sign up for a trial account, enter your own website or the one which you want to analyze, then discover all the optimizations you can do within about 15 minutes.

learn seo with pulse

Why do Bloggers Love Pulse?

Common platforms for our blogging customers are the likes of Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace. These tools allow you to create beautiful websites and get your content seen by the world.

However no matter the tool you use, you should always ensure your website is technically designed to get as much traffic as possible. This means more eyes on your content, and if you are generating revenue from your blog, more money in your pocket.

Ready to start getting stuck in?

These are your next steps to getting your first website audit started.


You don’t even need to own your own website to use Pulse, you can type in your favourite blogger or any site you choose, and Pulse will analyze their website, and tell you the results.

Once your account is up and running, you will start to see results appearing. 


Pulse runs 43 separate ‘tests’ on every single page of a website. All result screens show what is being checked, what justifies a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’, why the test is important and displays two rating factors: The impact this test will have on your website, and the difficulty of correcting a failed test result.


All results are shown with extra information on how to rectify the issue. Work through the results, starting with the most severe issues.

Once you tackle the severe issues, you can move onto the moderate and less severe issues that your site audit has revealed.

100% No-Risk Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t like Right Hand Man, or for some reason, it doesn’t work on your website, we will happily refund 100% of your purchase within 24 hours. No questions asked.

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What exactly is included?

A fully functional website auditor with actionable insights to grow your website.

Automated Auditing & Analysis

Right Hand Man is the only comprehensive website auditor designed for people new to search engine optimization. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the results provided by our auditing tool. As soon as you create your Right Hand Man account, our software will start scanning your website and preparing dozens of unique reports, saving you months of hard work.


The Right Hand Man site auditor presents all its results with comprehensive but easily understood actionable insights. When we detect something on your website should, or could, be fixed or improved, Right Hand Man explains why it should be fixed and how it should be fixed. We even provide you will a short email template, just in case you need to explain the issue to your web developer or boss!

What do customers think of Right Hand Man?

I’m really loving, it’s simple dashboards, actionable insights, and just enough descriptions. The weekly updates keep me on my toes and focusing on my SEO more often.


Clement is a great tool to quickly evaluate a sites health and continue keeping an eye on it. I especially like the interface, zero learning curve here.

alex testimonial
Alex Balabanov helped me wrap my head around what needed to be fixed/was missing on my website. It was nice to see all the problems in one spot. If I would’ve tried to fix all these problems myself, I’m sure I would’ve overlooked a quite a few errors.

Rob Bates is extremely detailed, yet easy to use. Just one crawl of my website revealed loads of actionable data and tips for improvement. A must-have for anyone serious about their online business!