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Many hosting companies have begin to offer their own suite of SEO tools. From a business point of view, it makes sense. Hosting companies have tens of thousands of customers, and if they can get just $5 more from each customer each month, then they’ve added millions to their annual revenue.

But, we think hosting companies should stick to hosting.

We believe this not just because we’ve built an SEO tools that works on all hosting platforms (check it out here), but because SEO is such a deep field of knowledge that is critically important for your website, so it makes sense to use a brand that specialises in this area.

Hosting companies specialize in hosting, so they should stick to hosting.

No matther what host you are using, or what content management system you have picked, there is a SEO tool that will (nine times out of ten) provide you with better results than your hosts range of SEO tools.

Let’s explore the options below…

How Hosting Affects SEO

Your host is the foundation that you build your website on, so in most scenarios it pays not to get the most budget hosting you can. But in saying that, you don’t need to spend a fortune either.

When it comes to hosting, I personally choose a host the meets the following criteria:

  1. Priced well (the cheapest host I pay for is $3 per month, the most expensive is $50 per month)
  2. Page speed, based on Google PageSpeed Insights tool
  3. Daily backups for peace of mind
  4. Well design admin panels

Notice how SEO tools doesn’t feature on the list of things I look for?

The hosting companies main role in improving your SEO is page speed.

Everything their SEO tools can do aren’t unique or special to the host you choose. SEO principles remain the same for every host, so one tool should be able to work with every hosting company.

Many Hosts Sell Their Own SEO Tools

Hosting Companies

Hostgator SEO Tools


Hostgator SEO Tools is a recent offering from Hostgator to get into the SEO game. Our advice is this: Hostgator is an hosting company, not an SEO company, so choose an SEO tool from a company that specialises in this area.

If your blog is hosted by Hostgator, there is a good chance you are using WordPress. Plenty of specialist SEO tools work well on WordPress, including, Yoast, and All in One SEO. So pick one of these.

Is HostGator SEO Tools worth it? Answer

Should I get the HostGator SEO tools? Answer

What is the best alternative to HostGator SEO tools? Answer

Do you need Hostgator SEO tools? Answer

bluehost seo tools


Bluehost SEO Tools was introduced in 2018. Essentially Bluehost SEO tools is a watered down version of RightHandMan. In fact, while ready the Bluehost SEO tools press release in 2018 I couldn’t help but wonder if they had visited for inspiration!

Bluehost SEO tools is a product which is design for people who like to get down in the nitty gritty and get their hands dirty. It’s for do-it-yourselfers who aren’t afraid of getting stuck in and learning a few things here and there.

Within the tool you’ll develop your SEO plan and Bluehost will give you pointers along the way of things you need to be doing. This could be simple tasks like developing your websites social profiles, or more complex like enabling an SSL certificate.

Bluehost SEO tools focuses on a range of (mostly simple) tasks that over time will improve your websites ranking. They also give you instructions on how to carry out the tasks. Once you finish a task, simply mark it as complete.

This Bluehost SEO tools review won’t be complete without mentioning pricing, so here’s what you’ll be charged on each renewal:

  • SEO Tools Start Renewal Price – $5.95 per domain per month or ($71.40 per domain per year)
  • SEO Tools Grow Renewal Price – $19.95 per domain per month or ($239.40 per domain per year)

The Start plan is reasonably cheap at $71.40 per year, but the Grow plan is getting pretty high at $239.40 per year. Keep in mind this is per domain. Alternative SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and RightHandMan let you use the tool on a number of websites.

Is Bluehost SEO Tools worth it? This really depends on your own personal situation, and whether $71 for the basic plan is a lot of money for you. Personally, if I was earning a high salary, I’d buy it because it’s an extra tool in my tool belt.

Should I get Bluehost SEO tools? Answer

What is the best alternative to Bluehost SEO tools? If you are looking for a free alternative to Bluehost SEO tools and you are using WordPress, simply install Yoast. If you are willing to pay money, get Yoast Premium, RightHandMan, SEMRush, or Ahrefs.

Do you need Bluehost SEO tools? The simple answer is no, you don’t need Bluehost SEO tools. Will it make your life easier? Most likely. As I said at the start of this article you should buy an SEO tool from a company that specializes in SEO, not from a hosting company branching out to generate more revenue from their customers. Visit the homepage to see if our tool suits your needs better.


godaddy seo tools


It’ll come as no surprise that we think the best SEO tools for GoDaddy websites are exactly the same tools we’ve recommended for Hostgator and Bluehost websites (jump to our Summary for a recap). In a nutshell, our recommendation is Yoast if you’re on WordPress, RightHandMan if you’re new to SEO and on a tight budget, and Ahrefs if you have a bit of SEO experience and can afford $99 per month for at least 6 months.

GoDaddy SEO tools start at an relatively expensive $10.99 per month. Considering you’ll ideally own your website for at least three years, you’ll be adding nearly $400 to your GoDaddy bill over this time. For that price, you can easily get access to a premium SEO tool, made by a company that specialises in SEO.

Is Godaddy SEO Tools worth it? As mentioned above, I personally would recommend you look elsewhere for a SEO tool. If you’re using WordPress, install Yoast for free, and if you have a budget for an SEO tool we recommend getting the lifetime account, or pay for 1 or 2 months with one of the more pricey tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or MOZ.

Should I get the Godaddy SEO tools? Answer

What is the best alternative to Godaddy SEO tools? The best free SEO is without a doubt Yoast, but it’s only for WordPress users. If you don’t use WordPress, or Yoast isn’t ticking all the boxes and you need a bit more educational material thrown in the mix, then choose However, if you are an SEO expert and have at least $99 per month to spare, we’d recommend Ahrefs.

Do you need Godaddy SEO tools? Answer


I think I’ve made it pretty clear through this article that buying SEO tools from your hosting companies shouldn’t be your first choice. Hosting companies are great at hosting, and average at creating SEO tools. Simalarily, SEO companies would be terribleat providing a hosting service.

Our final word is this: If you use WordPress, and have no budget, install Yoast. It’s a free plugin with a Pro plan, but the free version is good enough for most people.

If you are somewhat new to SEO, and have a limited budget, sign up for It’s a user-friendly SEO tool which works with every host, and every blogging platform. It is low cost and made for beginners. All account have lifetime access, so you don’t need to pay monthly.

If you have a bit of experience with SEO or willing to learn, and have a budget of at least $99 per month, then choose Ahrefs or SEMRush.

I can’t think of too many reasons to use something like Bluehost SEO tools, or any other hosts SEO tools.

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