Meet The Cheaper Alternative to aHrefs is a cheaper alternative to aHrefs, and is made specifically for bloggers.

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What is

We are an aHrefs alternative that makes website audits intuitive, understandable, and simple, so your blog can grow faster 👌

Why Should I Choose RightHandMan as my Ahrefs Alternative?

If you are not an SEO expert, or have the interest to spend weeks deciphering SEO reports, then you should choose RightHandMan as your website auditor.

It’s really as simple as that. If you are an SEO expert, and can afford $99 per month, then run along to ahrefs now and sign up. We aren’t afraid to recommend them to the right people. 🤗

Our team have been involved in the blogging community for years, and we’ve seen the frustration from thousands of people who start a blog and simply want to start blogging. They don’t want to spend weeks learning about the nitty gritty SEO details of their websites, and they certainly don’t want to be confronted with acronyms, graphs, and tables of data. RightHandMan avoids this headache, and only provides actionable advice with short reasons why things on your site need to be fixed.

Essentially, we are the website auditor that makes SEO simple, understandable, and affordable for everyone who isn’t an SEO expert.

Why did we create

We realised tools for bloggers, particularly SEO tools for bloggers, where overcomplicated and overpriced. Through feedback from our early customers we found that when anyone who wasn’t a digital marketing expert got their hands on any other SEO tools, they were often left feeling overwhelmed and confused. is a top pick for bloggers looking for an alternative to ahrefs, since we have built the company from the ground up with bloggers in mind.

One final note that we’d like to make clear is that ahrefs is a great tool. In fact, we have a subscription and happily pay $99 per month for it. But our team are SEO experts and fully understand each and every report that ahrefs produces. We know the difference between acronyms used in the platform such as UR, DR, RD, and KD. We also manage websites that are highly profitable and the $99 per month is affordable. But most bloggers won’t understand these acronyms, and they definately don’t know how to interpret them or how to respond to what the data is telling them. Additionally, for a blog that is making just hundreds of dollars each month, $99 for the ahrefs basic plan is a lot!

Is RightHandMan Cheaper Than Ahrefs?

Yes, is cheaper than ahrefs. 🎉

Since RightHandMan is the only website auditor designed specifically for bloggers, we’ve decided to make it one of the cheapest SEO tools available on the market. After all, a lone blogger definately doesn’t have the $100,000 budget for SEO tools that larger organisations have.

Another key difference that makes RightHandMan a great Ahrefs alternative is that we charge a one-off price for lifetime access, and not a monthly price.

Quick Comparison

The easiest way to compare is to visit both brands websites, but that takes a bit of time. The simple answer is the RightHandMan is the better website auditor for bloggers, whereas Ahrefs is the better tool for larger businesses and professional digital marketers.

Note: One key difference to highlight is that ahrefs has powerful keyword research tools. Such a feature isn’t included in, as we focus solely on making SEO audits simple, affordable & understandable for bloggers.

RightHandMan is the SEO tool built for bloggers who are new to SEO, and just want to focus on other more interesting aspects of growing their blog.

AHrefs is a powerful SEO tool built for experienced digital marketers with profitable websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ahrefs suitable for bloggers?

ahrefs is a great too for experienced bloggers who have a good understanding of SEO, and who manage a blog that generates an income of over $1,000 per month. Until then, is a great ahrefs alternative which will give you similar information, but in a more understandable manner.

Is simply a cheaper ahrefs alternative?

Sort of, but not really. Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that our team actually uses and loves. The reason we love it is because we are professional digital marketers who have been in the SEO industry for over 10 years. Ahrefs does both site auditing, and keyword research. focuses solely on site auditing, but does it in a manner which is simple and understandable for amateur digital marketers and bloggers.

Which is the best ahrefs alternative for beginners?

Many of our customers found us while looking for an ahrefs alternative for beginners. Luckily for us, that’s exactly what RightHandMan is. When it comes to website audits, we believe we are the most beginner friendly tool on the market – simplicity is what we build our entire product around.

Is ahrefs good for beginners?

For absolute beginners, we don’t feel it is. In fact, I got a Whatsapp message three days ago from my brother in law who signed up for an account and was so overwhelmed and confused he drove his laptop to my house so we could review and interpret the ahrefs results together.

Our opinion is that bloggers and small business owners looking for their first website auditor choose RightHandMan. It’s one of the cheapest SEO tools available and with our lifetime access approach, you can rely on RightHandMan for a number of years before you are ready to move to a more advanced tool, such as ahrefs.

What other tools are alternatives to ahrefs?

RightHandMan isn’t the only ahrefs alternative. For bloggers looks for a cheap website auditor, we confidently feel we are the best, but in the interest of full transparency and genuinly wanting to help our audience out, here are other tools to consider: SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Siteguru, Yoast, SEOMator, DeepCrawl, Botify, WooRank, RankMath, All in One SEO, and Raventools.

Are there ahrefs discounts?

No, ahrefs never has discounts, coupons, or vouchers. They offer a 7 day trial, then it is straight into a $99 a month plan, at a minimum. Check their current prices on the ahrefs website.

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